There's been a lot of talk about drones lately.
Drone innovations are sprouting up left and right.
Drone technology is rapidly advancing.
Who knew drones could be so useful?
And so versatile?
Soon we'll look back and laugh...
in ways we never even imagined could be necessary. Drones will improve our lives... "How did we ever live without drones?!"
Drones will save us so much time and energy.
Drones will keep us safe.
Drones are fun for the whole family.
There's almost no limit to what drones can do for us.
Want to meditate, but can't find the time?  There's a drone for that.
Drones will advance the human race.
Drones will develop advanced communications.
Drones will augment new technologies.
Many challenges lie ahead, but we can rest easy knowing one thing is true...
There's a Drone for that.  Concepts developed in collaboration with Nihir Shah Copy & Illustrations by Max Cougar Oswald
by Max Cougar Oswald & Nihir Shah